Friday, February 7, 2014

Let the Games Begin! Kindergarten Olympics

We celebrated the Winter Olympics today. We entered the gym carrying torches (party horns) and ran around the gym to the Olympic theme song. They were fantastic!

Hopefully you were able to see the picture of your child proudly standing on the podium. Every student received a gold medal! I apologize for the rather blurry pic, but I only had my iPhone on me at the time. Here are some other fun pictures from today:

Look at Candace! She won a medal for curling. We used a broom and bean bags. 

We also played hockey! Every student had a chance to participate.

We were experts at speed skating! We skated in our socks across the gymnasium floors. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Literacy App

I recently discovered a new literacy app that is free! It is called Sound Beginnings (although it also reviews middle and ending sounds). The middle sounds game is great to review short vowel sounds. Click on the picture below to grab the app.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Football Freddie!

The children absolutely love our new game Football Freddie. We place sight words in our pocket chart. A small football player is placed behind a card and the children have to figure out where he is hiding. Each child gets a turn to come up to the chart and the student must read the word before he or she can see if Football Freddie is behind it. Whoever finds Football Freddie gets to hide it for the next game. They get so excited!

I thought maybe the children would like to play it at home. You will have to cut out the cards and a football player. I suggest that you paste the cards onto an index card or construction paper otherwise your child will easily see Football Freddie. Rather than a pocket chart, simply lay the cards out on a table and while your child closes his or her eyes, hide Football Freddie under one of the cards.

If your child can read all of the words, then he or she can use it in a sentence or write the sentence on paper before choosing it.

I am attaching the link through Google Docs. If you are unable to download the file, let me know and I'll print out paper copies and send them home to you.

Groundhog Fun

Here is a short video with some great facts about groundhogs:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Antarctic Adventures

We had a wonderful time learning about penguins this week and the chilly continent of Antarctica.
Next week, we will compare the two polar regions. Toward the end of the week, we will have some football fun to get ready for the Super Bowl!

Peek at the Week

Reading Workshop: We read a lot of non-fiction books this week. After reading the books, we shared information using graphic organizers such as tree maps and diagrams.  The children can read independently for 15 minutes and also enjoy reading with partners.We also read some fun fictional stories including Tacky the Penguin. We discussed Tacky's character traits and then created our own tacky penguins!

This is Tacky!

We meet regularly in book clubs (guided reading groups). Your child will bring a book home about once per week. Please have your child read the book to you. They still may need some assistance with some of the words. If it seems to be too easy, that's okay! We are improving our fluency and comprehension. The children will move ahead into higher levels as the year progresses.

Writing Workshop: Wow! I have such amazing writers. Our new unit of study is informational writing, or How To Books. The children are learning to write books that teach the reader how to do something. Mrs. Falco continues to visit us on Thursday mornings. She will teach the min-lesson and helps me conduct conferences. The children also meet in peer conferences. Yes, your kindergarten child is able to conference with a peer and provide feedback! They have talking points to guide them through the conference and they give constructive feedback to each other.

This is our anchor chart for our informational writing checklist.

Math Workshop: To prepare for our units about addition and subtraction, we have been studying the Part-part Whole mathematical relationship. We have a huge grid on our classroom floor and the children take turns standing in the grid to make two parts and then combine to form a whole number. The children are bringing home a math game to play with you this weekend. You may keep the game for one week and then please return it on Friday. All of the materials should be in the bag including a small wipe off board and marker. The board is where your child should write the addition sentence. You may need to help your child write the sentence.

Playing Part-Part Whole

We also completed a fantastic measurement project. First, we painted penguins on Thursday. Then, on Friday, we cut them out. We used unifix cubes to measure their height. Finally, we placed all of them on the floor in order from tallest to shortest. Although it was a lengthy project, the children were able to practice several mathematical skills while having a lot of fun!

Here are our penguins lined up from tallest to shortest.

Science: We studied various polar animals and read several non-fiction books about the polar regions. Our next unit is "Properties."

We played a fun game on the Smartboard. Click on the picture below to play!

Here is a picture from our Smartboard!

Music and Movement: We danced to the great song, "Doing the Penguin." Look at the post below to sing and dance! We also take brain breaks during the day. After about two hours of instruction, the children often need a brain break. We sometimes enjoy a song from Just Dance Kids on the smartboard.

If the children want to take a brain break they can dance. Some other enjoy watching.

Penguin Party: Yes, we had a fun penguin party. We ate penguin pie - ice cream sandwiches! Then, we pretended to be penguins carrying eggs on our feet.

What's penguin pie??? Ice cream sandwiches, of course!

Here is a video of the children balancing eggs on their feet:


Monday, January 20, 2014


Yes! We will be studying penguins this week. Here is a video of the song we will dance to all week long:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Exploring the Arctic!

Hello kindergarten families! I am sorry I have not updated the blog in a while. The holiday season was very busy. We are exploring the Arctic region this week. Enjoy this fun game: